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PostSubject: chaosghost321/xbox360/US/7-14-12   Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:28 pm

*Username: chaosghost321
*Age: 16
*Gamertag: lilghost5454
*K/D: not sure, only 1.46 Sad, but thats because level 36 and friend spent the night and we played infected for several hours and I kept getting 1st infected and dying over and over.
*Do you have a mic?: Yes
*How many days can you be on the forum?(out of 7): 7
*How many days can you be on in game?(out of 7): 7
*Region (North America, EU, etc): North America
*Games you are applying for: MW3
-Where you heard about us:
-Who brought you here :
*Competitive or Casual gamer: Competitive
*Other clans you were a part of: Headshot Theory (HST) and Valiant Nation (Vn)
-Highest position held in said clan: Was leader of all the MW2 part of HST
-Why do you want to join?: Meet some new people and maybe do GB eventually.

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AGC Genocidez

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PostSubject: Welcome!!   Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:35 pm

Welcome to AGC , it has just been started so there are not very many members, but with your experience in clans and your cool personality Smile we can make this great structure go very far! Go ahead and apply for one of the departments. There are job descriptions for all of them in the starting out section. I will be adding a section for IO. IO is called initiation officer. Before people can join, they must complete a few games with an IO and then they are officially in the clan. We do not currently have any IO's but the other Admin @AGC Blaank will be on in a few hours so add him. his gt is Rebel Curez. It is not required to have a name change either. Feel free to go ahead and explore what i have created of the forums so far. You will be appointed as the first member of rogue squad!! Have Fun!!
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